Near Wellbore Simulator

Groundbreaking near wellbore
simulator utilizing lateral rock
properties and perforation
design variables to predict
cluster level fluid flow

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Completion Hazards Assessment

Real-Time Visualization

Proactive Mitigation

No-Tool No-Risk Process

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Depleted Fracture Identification

Proactive, Predictive & Proven

Actionable Data

No-Tool No-Risk Process

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Why Drill2Frac?

Our goal as a company is to provide non-invasive, cost effective, low risk data that ultimately saves operators time, money and resources.

Drill2Frac is the first to assemble an integrated platform of solutions to accurately characterize rock heterogeneity from drilling data, to optimize their horizontal well completions. A better understanding of rock and reservoir properties enables operators to proactively fine tune their completion strategies and applied technologies.

Our OmniLog® and client collaboration over the years, has given us the power to develop new technologies and applications that align with the growing needs of our industry.

Drill2Frac provides proven solutions across multiple formations.